Janis Sne / Nike 3D-INSTINCT - Prototype 03

December 2018

"In the past 10 years, humankind has produced more plastic than the entire 20th century. I believe that great design is a measure of our progress - therefore I feel that it is my responsibility to embrace sustainability as an important direction of inspiration. I am a believer of Nike legacy and I am convinced that they have the ability to make an impact in the world of sustainability. Therefore I want to dedicate this ambitious concept to Nike.

The current technology and 3D-software possibilities are truly changing the way how we interact, design and manufacture products. My purpose for this project has one simple goal - to explore the possibilities of 3D-softwares that leads my design process and results into a much smaller footprint on the planet. Because of my background experience in fashion and the industries global waste problem, I started to question every step behind the manufacturing processes. How can it be more efficient and environmental friendly?

The solution is simple: The starting point is the recycling of plastic. After, all the plastics are turned into textiles and assets for 3D-printers. In a combination with the 3D-softwares, these assets are used for further product development and design prototyping. This results in a product with a purpose - Nothing more and nothing less than you need! This concept inspired me to create the PROTOTYPE 03 sneaker project."

Janis Sne

Full development process on Behance.



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