Janis Sne / Nike ACG 3D Flyprint - Prototype 01

May 2018

"We are entering a revolutionary and very exciting period in the history of sportswear. The time where data performance is truly affecting and changing the way how we interact with the garments. Being a big admirer of Nike and Errolson Hugh, I decided to dedicate a concept project towards their most technically advanced line “ACG”.

Taking inspiration from Nike’s most recent 3d-printed Flyprint technology, the Prototype 01 is a fully 3d-printed sneaker concept. Ultra-breathable and lightweight Flyprint material is covered with Gore-Tex membrane. Wider sole design provides great balance in rough terrain. Prototype 01 features Flywire cables that wrap the arch of your foot for comfortable 360 feet support.

The variety between peoples anatomy is so large, that it feels only natural to work towards the technology that allows every individual person to have a product that fits and responds perfectly accurate to their needs. Therefore every Prototype 01 sneaker is printed after scanning each person’s feet."

Janis Sne

 Full development process on Behance.



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